Reversible Cable

Model:Reversible Cable


You still have problems for your charging cable when plugin the  wrong size?

We have the slutions for your, USB end is reversiobale, grabe and plug, easy to use, what's more the micro USB end is also resersible too, you can charge any micro/android devices like iPhone lignthing cable too.

No need try many times to get the correct side into your device.

Product Specifications

 This Cable is totally special, it is reversible flip data charging cable, you can charge with any side from the USB tip and the MicroUSB tip too, no need to spend stupid time on finding correct way to plugin.

* Material: PTE and Aluminum

* Connectors: USB 2.0 with MicroUSB or USB 2.0 with Lighting

* Functions: Data Syncing and Charging

* Colours: White, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green

* Length: 1M ~ 1.5M

* Features: For charging and files transfering, 2.4A current fast charging capability, 1~1.5M length

Branding Information