iGloves is screen touchable warm gloves, it is a simple userful gadget, you can do it in a few seconds without a lot of know-how.

In the cold winter, you definitely need a pair of gloves to keeo yourself warm, but the headache is we canot use our phone if we are waring a normal govels, now iGloves is a must-have item for your daily life.

Product Specifications

* Bluetooth Version: 3.0+EDR
* Frequenz: 2.40Ghz~ 2.48Ghz
* Distance for BT: about 10m
* Usage time: around 6 hours
* Standby: around 15 hours
* Charging time: 0.5 hour
* Material: 60% Acrylic & 40% Polyster
* 3 fingers with screen-touch function
* Product weight: 142g

Branding Information