Sports BT Earphone



Sports BT Earphone is a wonderful bluetooth earphone with sprots style, wherever you are doing sports in a gym or outdoors, this is a great mate you can enjoy music or phone calls wirelessly.

Thanks to the Bluetooth, we can enjoy making phonecalls or listening music wirelessly, no any tangle cables headaches, and the cable on the earphone is also design with tangle-free material, high-class silicone.

It is designed for sparts use, with a hook on the top to stablize it during moving, let's run with music on with our  Sports BT Earphone.

Product Specifications

* Bluetooth version V3.0

* Usange: 3-4 hours music palying or talking

* BT range: 10m

* Impedance: 32 Ohm

* Sensitivity: 112dB +/-dB

* Frequency: 20Hz

* Battery: 65mAh

* Input: 5V 0.2A

* Charging: 2 Hours

* System: In-Ear

* With USB charging cable

Branding Information