Zipper Earphones



Still have headache of your mass cable, we have the solution for you, our Zipper earphoners, it is designed as the zipper on your jacket, never worry about knotted, tangle-fee.

The aluminum zipper tip is the best part to laser-engraving your brands on, with standrad earphone jack plug, complitable with all the phones in the market.

Product Specifications

* Frequency: 20~20KHz

* Bandwidth: 120-16KHz

* Sensitivity: 85 +/-6dB

* Impedance: 32 Ohm +/-15%

* Distortion: <=1% At 1KHz

* Max. power: 5mW

* Stereo-Jack: 3.5mm

* Material: ABS/PVC

* Cable length: 60 cm

Branding Information