LED Lamp with wireless/inductive charger



This LED lamp is dimmable and eye-caring with wireless charger and USB charging port. long-pressing on the dimming touch switchs to modify the brightness of the LED's, you also can choose different color-mode of the lamp, LED-white, warm-light..

It featured with Qi wireless/inductive charging function, compatible with all Qi devices, it outputs 5V @ 1A wirelessly. Simply put your qi-devices on the top of the lamp docking, your device will be charged wirelessly and automatically.

It is also foldable, can adjust the light-illumination from any anglex you prefer, anther extra USB port is also buit-in on the back of the lamp's docking, it is also able to power up any devices you have.

Product Specifications

Input DC 5V 2.5A
Ouput 5V 1A wireliessly, 5V 1A from USB
Material Plastic
Dimension 180*120*400 mm
Weight 600g





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